Design Day

Design Day

A design day is a full day of creative consulting and co-creation. I will spend a full day dedicated to your business and making sure the online experience for your customers is as impeccable as it is in person. 

This offering is perfect for that daunting to-do list that feels like a mountain to climb when it comes to your website.

When we work together for one day, there are no back and forth email threads, endless DMs, delays, or timelines.
I help you make decisions on what to create and when to press publish.

Just a full day of action! 

1 day
A full day of 1:1 creative consulting in person or online.
"Drea helped me get my project off to a good start and gave me the tools to be self-sufficient later on. She did in one day what would have taken me weeks of work and remained supportive for my technical questions."

-- Stéphanie Benoit, founder of Mouvement Montagne

No deliverables

No timelines

No delays

No back and forth emails & approvals

Just a full day of 1:1 action

Building, designing and strategizing together

So that you can be self-sufficient and manage your own website

A design day is for you if...

  • It feels daunting to work on your website and it feels impossible to press “publish”
  • You still want to have full control and design freedom on your own website and be able to update it in the future
  • You don’t have the budget to delegate the full website build to an agency like mine
  • You have a crystal clear understanding of the why, what and how of your offering but need help to express it in the online world

What can we do in one day?

option 1

🌟 Kickstart your Squarespace or Shopify site

You don't know where to start with building your new website but you know you want to have full control.

You've opened Squarespace or Shopify before but it felt overwhelming. You might even currently have a Wix or Wordpress website that is in major need of renewal but the thought of transferring to a new platform feels impossible.
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We'll set you up with the foundations for your new website on Squarespace or Shopify, and you'll put the finishing touches before publishing.

  • Basic UX strategy (user profiles, new site map, feature list)
  • Install the structures, tools & plugins you need (ie. Booking Tool, Blog, Staff List, Membership Area, Video on Demand Library, etc. )
  • Export your site from Wix or Wordpress and import to Squarespace or Shopify (if needed)
  • Style the website with your brand identity
  • Design your homepage
  • Go through all the settings & pre-launch steps together
  • Answer all of your design, strategy & technical questions throughout the day
  • You will go in to edit & perfect the rest of the site before publishing but the majority of the work will be done!
option 2

🚀 New product or service launch

Thinking about creating your video on demand platform for selling your yoga classes? Are you launching a new product and want the customer experience to be absolute perfection?
More about this option
  • Basic UX strategy (user profiles & customer journey)
  • Install the structures, tools & plugins you’ll need to bring your idea to reality and have a functional, seamless booking & buying process
  • Build workflows for your marketing to get the customers on their path to booking with you (ie. email, TikTok, Pinterest, SEO, partnerships, etc.)
  • Map out a landing page for your new offering
  • Go through all the settings & pre-launch steps together
  • Answer all of your design, strategy & technical questions throughout the day
  • You will go in to edit & perfect the rest of the site before publishing but the majority of the work will be done!
option 3

🔮 Improve your current site

You've built your own website but you aren't sure you did it right. Let me step in for the day and fix bugs, work out the kinks and get you a proper strategy to implement the features you want, boost traffic, convert users and make more sales.
More about this option

We'll start the day with a full website audit on the Design, Strategy & Technical aspects of your site.

In the second half of the day we'll prioritize 1 or 2 focus points from the audit to build a strategy to improve them.

I'll be hands-on in your website's code whether it's to:

  • add custom Liquid to your Shopify site and implement features you want
  • install and configure new plugins or tools
  • customize visual features
  • fix bugs that are hindering your user experience
  • do SEO research to establish a copywriting and backlinking plan for you

Optional add-ons:

🎨 Brand identity guidelines

You have a clear idea of what you want your brand to look like but you need a formalized colour palette and typography choices as well as simple guidance for creating graphics for your brand.

Our in-house graphic designer will provide you with a brand identity guidelines document

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✍️ Copyediting or copywriting

You want someone to edit the copy on your site or help you with writing.

Our in-house copywriter will be on call during the day to review your writing and give you tips for your website’s punchy headlines

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What can you expect as a deliverable?

When you book me for a Design Day, you get me working on your website for an entire day - NOT a set of deliverables. I’ll share any documents we co-create during the day: notes, spreadsheets, white boards, templates, etc. via our Project Dashboard.

With my design, strategy and technical experience, we’ll be extremely efficient in how we tackle the design problems and I will share my processes and frameworks with you so that if there are any bits of unfinished design or strategy by the end of the day, you’ll have a clear direction and idea of how to tie up the loose ends yourself.

Design Day Case Studies

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A few days after booking, you'll receive a link to a Notion dashboard with all of the prep work to complete before our Design Day.

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