I'm currently on maternity leave & will be taking projects again in 2024

In the meantime, you can work with creative experts I trust via my agency: Dia Collective

Web Design

Landing Page Design

For a budding business, often a landing page is all that's needed. I can build you a one-page website that reflects your visual branding and ranks high in SEO so that you can attract and retain your dream clients without needing a full website.

2400 CAD$
lead time
1 day
what you receive
Your landing page on a custom domain
What you need to have ready for me:
  • images & photography
  • general idea of visual branding
  • copy written
  • list of tools you want to have installed (ie. Calendly, Shopify Lite, etc.)

Examples of landing pages I have designed in 1 day

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Grind Ride Montreal

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Cara Cara Studio

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Librairie Maktaba Bookshop

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Full website design

Whether you're building something from scratch, expanding your existing business, or redesigning your website so that it better reflects your mission, I can deliver a fully built website that is both beautiful and functional with a User Experience (UX) designed to attract and retain your dream clients.

starting at 8,000$
lead time
6 to 8 weeks
what you receive
Turnkey website design
hold up...

Do you really need a website?

I don’t believe everyone needs a full website. If you are just getting started with your business, often a landing page is more than enough.  

I do believe you can design your website yourself, and I want to help you achieve that, by demystifying the web jargon for wellness practitioners.

Check out my free + affordable resources first

A custom website design is for you if...

  • Your business is already making sales (ie. from a  landing page or simple website) and you need to scale up and you don’t have time to build your website yourself
  • You appreciate good design and want a website that delivers a seamless user experience for your dream clients
  • You need help with the technical side of things and feel lost when you open a website builder like Squarespace or Wix
  • You want a website that works for you, bringing traffic with good SEO and converting leads into sales.
  • Your product offering is clear and relatively stable
  • You are clear on your brand goals and target audiences (ie. your dream clients)

The design process

phase 1

UX Strategy & Wireframing

After our kick-off meeting, I’ll send you an in-depth questionnaire to get to know the world of your business. We’ll then meet for a 90 minute co-creation session to identify your target audiences and map out the journey they will take before & after booking or purchasing from you. This lays a foundation for a great user experience (UX) on your site, informs the SEO research & creates a website with your clients’ needs in mind. At the end of the session we’ll have  preliminary idea of your website’s ideal structure (site map). After our session, I will start building wireframes based on the SEO research done in the following phase.

phase 2

SEO & Benchmarking Research

In this phase, I typically run an SEO study on your current site and your competitor’s sites to identify the keywords we want to rank for and the SEO difficulty.

The SEO study also includes a proposed strategy of how to structure the website and where to prioritize the different keywords. From there we will meet for a 90 minute co-creation session and review the results of the study together, finalize the site map and go over the finalized “wireframes” (ie. the structure of each of the pages of your site)

Once the wireframes are completed, we will create detailed copywriting briefs for each of the pages to hand off to our SEO copywriter.

In this phase I'll also do any product research and benchmarking to find the appropriate plugins and tools we want to install on the website.

phase 3

Website Design & Mockups

From the wireframes, I will design mockups using your brand identity.

We’ll have 2 rounds of feedback to perfect the design before building it live and going into the development stage.

During this time, the copywriter will be perfecting & editing the copy for your pages so that by the time we’re done the design process, the texts will be ready to include in the website build. I use Figma to deliver all of my mockup files

phase 4

Website Development

This is where the magic happens! We’ll now build the website on Webflow or Shopify.

You’ll have 2 rounds of feedback to ask for any changes before we go live. I’ll make sure your website is built with all of the proper tools installed: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Recaptcha, Newsletter tools, meta-data, translation plugins, booking tool, and any other plugins we decided on in the earlier phases.

phase 5

Quality Assurance

We’ll soft launch the site and gather some initial feedback and usage data from people navigating the site to make sure everything runs smoothly before the final launch.

In this phase I will also provide training to your team on how to update the website and any other software installed.

Every web design project is tailored to you and your needs


It's a team effort

As any good Witch knows, magic doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I’m surrounded by a community of co-creators and collaborators I’m proud to work closely with to produce beautiful websites for my clients. From copywriters to photographers, business coaches, SEO specialists, graphic designers, illustrators, and more, these humans have all played key roles in bringing projects to life. Each of them have their very own creative practices which I've linked below if you’re curious. 


Websites I've designed

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ASCEND Get Lifted

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Librairie Maktaba Bookshop

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Akasha Yoga Montreal

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Hear it from my clients

Drea est une perle rare et collaborer avec elle est un vrai charme. Elle m'a accompagné dans la réalisation de mon projet avec doigté et grande générosité. Elle est une source inépuisable de solutions et reste toujours positive. Grâce à elle, l'expérience de mes clientes sur mon site est nettement bonifiée. Elle est une alliée précieuse et je la recommande chaudement !

- Cynthia MA, Rituels Ainsi Soit-Elle
Working with Drea was a dream. For someone like me who knows what she likes but has difficulty articulating a concept, it was the most pleasant and easy experience. Drea provided so much guidance, and the process from start to finish could not have been smoother. I adore what she created and absolutely recommend for all design needs. I’m going to be using her in the future for anything I need moving forward!

- Meghan Flater, Cara Cara Studio

Frequently asked questions

I already have a website, can you help me improve it?

Yes! You should book a design day instead!

What platforms do you use to create websites?

For a full website, I exclusively build on Webflow or Shopify. For a landing page, I use carrd.co or I can build a landing page on your existing Squarespace website.

How long does it take to design my website?

Depending what you need, it can take anywhere between 6 - 8 weeks. Get in touch with me so we can discuss your needs.

How much does it cost to design my website?

Each project is unique, and it depends what you are looking for. A full website design starts at 6,000$ and could go up to 15,000$ if we put together a team for copywriting, illustration and/or graphic design. Get in touch with me so we can discuss your needs.

I know I need a website, but I don’t know what to put on it, can you help?

I take a content-first approach to building websites. This means you need to have a clear idea of your product offering before we start working together. Usually we figure out if you are ready for a website design on a discovery call - feel free to book  call with me and we can assess.

Do you do branding and logo design?

Yes, I collaborate with extremely talented graphic designers and illustrators to create full custom branding packages. If you already have branding guidelines and logo, I can work with them to create the style guide and mockup for your website integrating your existing branding.

Will I be able to update the website myself once it is finished?

Yes! Webflow has an Editor interface where you can change any text or images on the pages I design for you. If you choose to build a website with a Content Management System (CMS), you will have access to create new posts and categories (ie. events, courses, workshops, blog posts, retreats, trainings etc.)

I will provide you with a video tutorial on how to update your website once we launch.

Do you do maintenance of my website once it is done?

Typically I do not charge a monthly retainer for maintenance after the website is done. I set you up so that you have a fully-designed website that does not require maintenance. I do not work with Wordpress anymore for this reason - Wordpress websites always require updating and debugging to manage all of the plugins. With Webflow, I can hand off the website to you and you have editing access for all of the content.If however you need new pages designed, or any design work on the website, I am happy to provide those services to you on an hourly basis.

Do you offer a payment plan?

I typically ask for a 30% deposit to book the slot in my calendar up to 3 months in advance, followed by  30% deposit at the beginning of the project, and 40% on delivery. 

What other expenses should I anticipate for my website?

Hosting (~ 20 - 30$/month)
Domain (20$/year)
Any other tools you might want to install will have additional fees too (ie. membership tools, translation tools, etc.)

What if I need help for my site once it is online?

If the website is broken or not functional, I will help free of charge to get it back up and running. If you would like to add new features or pages, I am happy to work with you on an hourly basis. 

Where is my website hosted?

I use Webflow or Shopify to design and host my custom websites. Both of these services include hosting with their monthly fee.

Do you install Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

Absolutely I do!

How do we communicate throughout the website build?

My primary mode of communication during the project is through email. For quick feedback and voice notes, we can set up a Slack or Whatsapp thread.

Will you write the website copy (text) for me?

I work with extremely talented copywriters who can write the text of your website for you, which will help you rank better for your SEO keywords. This is an optional add-on.

Do you build e-commerce websites?

Yes! If you are looking to build an e-commerce website, I use Shopify. 

Do you use pre-made templates?

No. I design everything from scratch, from wireframing the features you need and user experience, to creating mockups in Figma, and finally designing from a blank canvas in Webflow. 

I am on a budget, can we do a service exchange?

I do not accept service exchanges however, I do have a free newsletter, and affordable workshops available for folks in your situation.

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