Website Audit

Website Audit

A website audit offers you a checklist of recommended modifications to optimize your website. You'll receive a full audit on the visual, strategic and structural aspects of your site to empower you to modify your website yourself.
With this tool in hand, you'll receive an evaluation of the following three aspects of your website:

  • Design
  • Structure
  • Strategy
1000 CAD$
lead time
2 weeks
what you receive
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A website audit evalutes three aspects of your website


Design is where form and function meet. We'll consider your font and colour choices, the accessibility of your page, alignment and spacing, mobile/tablet/desktop responsiveness, and graphics to ensure your brand story, vision and mission are consistent and aligned with your target audience. The end result is a website that is beautiful, functional, and relevant to your prospective clients.


Structure refers to the architecture of your website. It's how we establish a strong foundation and build from that to create the best possible User Experience (UX). We will systematically go through every page of your website to evaluate and strategically improve headers, footers, site maps and hierarchies, content, and layout to make your website standout and rank higher for your prospective clients.


Strategy is the Why and the How combined in a way that optimizes your website to ensure it reaches the widest possible audience within your target demographic. We'll conduct careful and extensive research to build a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, conversion strategy, and security and compliance strategy to give your website the best possible chance at attracting and retaining new clients.

website audit

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